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Many may think of Exohood as another cryptocurrency platform that has just been launched. However. It is much more than that. It is a complete financial ecosystem that provides crypto services and solutions and is most suitable for crypto investors.

With Exohood, you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, create your own token, NFT marketplace, and so on. If you are looking for the most robust and secure features on the defi ecosystem, this is the place to go. This article discusses the platform in detail to give you a clear picture of what it is, what you can use it for, its risks and benefits.

What does Exohood mean?

The word Exohood was derived from two words, the Greek word “Exo ” meaning external, and “Hood” which refers to Robin Hood, portrayed in the British TV show Robinhood. Now that we know the origin of the name, what is Exohood?

It is a non-custodial automated protocol that generates value for the DeFi ecosystem via services and solutions that help accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The protocol was founded by two developers, Joseph Cohen and Ari Levi, who have extensive experience in programming, the two worked on Exohood with the aim of creating a Defi solution that is more accessible, safe, fully decentralized, and powered by Community Governance.

“We believe people coming forward into decentralized finance deserve the same protection as investors in traditional markets, adhering to the same standards, practices, regulations, and compliance protocols,” Exohood Head of Technology Joseph Cohen, said.




Exohood renders the following services:

Exchange: the exchange allows users to buy and sell over 160 Cryptocurrencies in 180 countries using different payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer.

Token launchpad: This enables anyone to create and launch their own tokens. They can create smart contracts for projects without having any coding knowledge.

NFT Market: The NFT marketplace is where buying, selling and trading of NFTs happens. 

Defi Trading:  Exohood also supports DeFi trading with its DeFi trading platform. Users can trade tokens on a variety of chains with endless possibilities.

ExoWallet: This is a one-stop destination for all things banking, including bank accounts and debit cards. Users will soon be able to invest smarter in crypto and stocks using the Exowallet.

EXO Token: Users of the platform can earn rewards by providing liquidity using the EXO token. The tokens also give holders a stake in the community governance.

Merch Store: Exohood also has a store where fans from the US, CANADA, UK, and EU can buy and represent the brand with long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, as well as mugs, hats, and more.

Exohood has undergone an audit and passed the Security Compliance and Information Technology Audit by Intercer and LL-C European audit firm. It also undergoes the ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for security management.

Users of the platform are also well secured as the platform is noncustodial, meaning it doesn’t hold funds so there is no chance of losing funds due to a hack or any other attacks. The platform has a simple user interface that allows anyone to use it successfully whether they are beginners or more experienced. Those who hold assets earn interest from them in EXO tokens. All these services are offered with very low fees so anyone can afford them.

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