Tesla owners are again losing heat in extreme cold as some heat pumps are failing badly

Tesla owners are again losing heat in extremely cold weather as some heat pumps are failing badly.

The problem was thought to be fixed last year, but it is resurging in a big way this year.

Around this time last year, we published a report: Tesla owners of brand-new Model 3 and Y cars plagued with heating issues in dead of winter.

The problem was with the newly introduced heat pump.

Tesla claimed to have solved the problem with an over-the-air update, but now a year later, it is resurging in a big way.

Currently, Canada and the north of the US are hitting new record cold temperatures with several regions doing down below -30C (-22F).

As an example, it’s so cold out right now that I just got an alert that one of my security cameras at my house in Shawinigan, Quebec had to shut itself down to protect against the cold:

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen and it’s apparently not only affecting cameras.

The forums and social media are full of Tesla owners reporting issues with their heating system, like it was last year.

Again, it appears to only affect owners of newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with a heat pump system

Heat pumps are super-efficient, but they are known to not work as well in extreme cold (around -15C or 5F and below).

Tesla claimed to have solved that with a dual loop system, but it appears that something else is failing.

Several owners are reporting being hit with this system alert and completely losing heat in the car (via John Saxon):

This is creating potentially dangerous situations as some Tesla owners can get stuck in remote locations in freezing temperatures without heating.

Several Tesla owners who brought their car into Tesla service centers following the issue were told that the automaker is aware of the problem and it is working on a software fix.

However, it looks like it might need more than a software fix.

Jimmy Yeung, a Model Y owner from Toronto, had the same issue happen in his Model Y and the service center had to replace the AC compressor and the supermanifold “Octovalve” part of the heat pump system.

He shared the service bill on Facebook that showed that it would have cost over $5,000 CAD ($4,000 USD) if the work wasn’t done under warranty:

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