Serena Williams promotes Sorare NFT’s fantasy game platform

According to the latest news, the popular NFT platform, Sorare and Serena Williams, the four-time Olympic champion tennis legend, have entered into a partnership. In recent months, by the way, there is a lot to hear about more and more successful collaborations on the fantasy football interface. For this reason, it is not surprising that a personality recognized in the ranks of the sports world, such as the female tennis player, joins the project.

According to the official report, Serena Williams will be a consultant on the French cryptostartup site. By the way, Sorare has become a favorite platform for football fans interested in the crypt, where the digital cards of the most famous football players change hands. Soccer cards are available in NDP format and collectors can try out various fantasy soccer games using their purchased cards.

Furthermore, the platform for digital NDP collections is outstanding even in the cryptographic sector, raising $ 680 million in just one round of funding. The process took place in September 2021 and SoftBank, a multinational holding company, guaranteed its success. In addition, Sorare has more than 1 million users and currently works with a total of 230 sports teams and football leagues.

However, the wide-ranging expansion is just beginning, and Serena Williams will help. They want to be represented in other sports as well, including women’s sports. In addition, they want to strengthen their market presence in America and to advance diversity in the world of NFTs.

“NDPs have the potential to promote equality and individual investment in the world of women’s sports. I believe that Sorare will have a significant impact on the future of sports entertainment “, said Williams.

Sorare Serena Williams

Sorare begins to expand

The project is a great success across Europe, where he is living the golden age of fantasy football. In contrast, the United States produces much more modest results. Sorare, on the other hand, does not want to put up with this, so it wants to make a serious effort to subjugate overseas.

“The U.S. market is incredibly large and extremely competitive, but we’re confident that what we can offer is truly special. Sorare combines the benefits of fantasy games and NFTs to provide a truly unparalleled experience for both fans and sports teams. ”

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