Kotipizza tells the story of sustainability through extended reality

Sustainability is the word of the day. It is the new normal for all businesses to operate in a way that keeps them and our planet going for generations to come.

Kotipizza, the Nordic’s largest pizza restaurant chain, is committed to acting sustainably in everything it does. The company’s mission – to be on the side of good – is now being told through extended reality.

Any company’s actions towards sustainability are often just words. By that, I mean they are just phrases on a website or social media and have no customer contact points when making a purchase decision. Informing clients about sustainability is crucial, and the platform to do that is too.

Kotipizza has told its mission of better ways of doing on many disruptive channels for years: through events, charity, working culture – and now its pizza boxes.

“Our original thought was to add intelligence to the packaging. The best way to combine a static object and digitality is to create a brand experience through XR. The content is heavily attached to our most important value – sustainability. Communicating these matters comprehensively and interestingly is often challenging, and extended reality offered us a fantastic solution to tackle that,” Kotipizza’s Marketing Director Rainer Lindqvist describes.

WebXR makes sustainability visible for consumers

Kotipizza transforms its pizza boxes into an adventure through extended reality. The customer can hop inside the box by scanning a QR code on it with a mobile device.

The pizza box XR experience educates the visitor of Kotipizza’s actions towards sustainability. The visitor can virtually walk around a restaurant – made from a virtual cardboard pizza box – and learn about Kotipizza’s recycling efforts, where the ingredients come from, and more.

The XR experience is a part of Kotipizza’s pizza box renewal. The restaurant chain wanted to elevate the box to a new level – to make it more durable for increasing home deliveries and made from sustainably produced materials.

“The XR experience has enabled us to utilise our most influential media, the pizza box, to share our values and deepen our brand’s meaning. This is a huge opportunity,” Lindqvist says.

Take a look inside the Kotipizza pizza box here.

XR enables showrooms to be anything and everything

Many businesses are familiar with the concept of showrooms – to show offerings, business culture, values and actions. Although very dandy, they do have their limitations. They are in a certain place at certain times and can only present a limited amount of content.

With a spatial online platform, that has changed.

“XR holds a lot of possibilities for storytelling. The technology constantly evolves, which enables more variety, more value, and more substantiality in the future,” Lindqvist states.

A virtual showroom can exhibit content limitlessly – global, always open, accessible to everyone, as much content as you wish.

Learn more about the online brand spaces here.

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