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Analytics is important in every kind of business in both external and internal activities. AI analytics helps to increase employee productivity and optimize the number of employees in general. In this article, we’ll discuss how AI analytics can help to increase employee performance, optimize the number of service personnel, improve indoor logistics and build layouts and many more.

Indoor employee traffic analytics

Indoor traffic analytics allows determining in real-time the location (position) of employees, workers and equipment on the territory of an industrial enterprise, office space, health centre etc., as well as to carry out the function of preventing collisions between equipment and personnel, transferring data and telemetry.

Indoor traffic AI analytics within our navigation SDK tracks movements (and routes) of employees, enables you to track time spent on tasks by service personnel, shows the position of employees – you can check if an employee is on the right floor, etc. In some companies (more often in shopping malls), cleaners are assigned to certain locations, floors, and it’s important for managers to keep track of whether an employee is on their floor.

It also helps to track speed of reaction on maintenance and cleaning reports sent by our reporting system with the pinpointed location. So you can analyse the whole process from receiving the ticket to fixing the issue. All information collected is used only for business and employee training purposes.

How traffic tracking affects employee performance

The supervisor can receive both data on the current location of all employees in real-time, and information about the path travelled by the controlled object for a given period. Based on the information about employees routes inside the building where they are, are they in the office, how much time they spend in the restroom, etc.), speed of reaction to their tickets (tasks), you can fire low performing personnel that will increase average performance rate and potentially increase the revenue of your company.

As we noticed in our pilot projects, without low performing people, fewer employees successfully cover all scope of work. But if you still need extra people, it’s much better to hire new, more effective workers instead of unproductive employees. Understanding that their movements and performance are tracked, employees contribute more effort to their work and daily routine business operations.

It’s important to be guided by trust, considerations of transparency of relations, issues of commercial and information security. There must be feedback from both the manager and the employees. However, this applies to almost all work processes in normal, adequate companies.

Heatmaps for optimization of indoor logistics and building layout

Heat maps show the general situation with indoor logistics and help to optimize the layout of floors. They show all routes around the building and give clear information about the occupancy of any area inside the building.

By using heat maps, you can arrange equipment, namely coffee machines, copiers, printers and other equipment in the places where it’s necessary to be, select the optimal places for recreation areas,  dining rooms or meeting rooms, so that moving around the office is easier and fast.

Let’s consider the office as an example. Based on heat maps, you can see if you need an extra meeting room, cafeteria or equipment (printer, scanner etc.) to minimize overcrowding (employees would work instead of staying in the line to print or scan a document). The more comfortable a workspace, the better employees would work.

Summing up

AI traffic analytics takes personnel management as well as updating the plans of a facility to the new level that boost efficiency of employees, help to fire unproductive personnel (it saves costs or/and give an opportunity to update the team with high-performing members), and make the whole building more comfortable for employees and stimulating to work more.

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