How AR Can Help the Jewellery Business Owners Boost Online Sales

The trend of augmented reality in the jewellery business is growing tremendously. Augmented reality (AR) technology helps consumers engage more with the brand, resulting in a boost in online sales. AR creates a win-win situation for both business owners and consumers. Consumers can experience their products before buying them, which increases conversion rates. On the other hand, businesses can spend less on marketing and increase sales via AR apps that they develop themselves.

As of now, only 4-5% of the sales in the jewellery industry happens online, and there are several reasons behind it. Higher trust, the need for readily available information and the right buying help are the key factors to drive more sales. To solve this challenge, augmented reality for the jewellery industry acts as a catalyst that helps companies grow their sales.

Before we dive into how an AR service can help the jewellery business grow, let’s look at the current challenges this industry is facing.

Current Challenges That Jewellery Sellers Are Facing in Online Retail:

Below are some key challenges that business owners face to build and grow a robust customer base online:

Lack of Seamless Experience:

When it comes to buying jewellery, customers want to see the product they are about to buy in person and touch and feel the product’s texture with their fingers. Moreover, browsing online catalogues is not enough; customers need one-to-one interaction before finalizing the purchase. Customers expect a 360° viewing experience when buying their favourite ring or earrings online.

Need for Accurate Information at The Right Time:

The jewellery business is a complicated one. Considering the nature of the product, it requires additional information about various colours and designs that create an array of options for customers to choose from. Moreover, buyers want these details as soon as possible.

Before they pay for any purchase online, customers need detailed information about the product’s colour, size, type and clarity. In addition, customers have higher expectations from accurate content that can help them decide on buying or not buying a particular item.

Customers Want to Try the Jewellery:

Before buying an expensive jewellery item, customers want to see and feel how it looks on them. Moreover, customers like experimenting with different colours and designs without any hassle. Only a few online jewellery retailers provide such features for their shoppers.

These are the significant challenges this growing industry faces to expand online. However, ar in jewellery sector can solve all the above problems and help companies grow faster.

How an AR Solution Helps the Jewellery Business Grow Online?

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Compared to conventional marketing, AR apps and WebAR offer a far better way to engage with customers. Moreover, it has the potential to solve the trust issue relatively quickly. Below are some key ways how AR solves the above challenges.

Real-time Information:

Providing real-time information about a jewellery item to customers is a crucial challenge for the jewellery industry. AR helps overcome this issue, as it can send updates on new arrivals or the availability of other colours. Moreover, customers can change the colour and design by just selecting from a palette menu.

As the price of these items fluctuates depending on the metal or gemstone used to make it, AR helps provide the proper price range without going through each product website.

Trying Before Buying:

Several jewellery sellers provide a ‘try-on’ option to their customers for free. This implementation of AR in jewellery can help businesses let their customers try the items virtually before buying expensive pieces online.

With AR, consumers can try any jewellery item without leaving home. They only need internet access on their mobile phone or tablet device. Moreover, there is no need to know how to use an augmented reality app. Instead, customers can download the app to try different jewellery pieces and buy the best one.

Realistic Experience:

Augmented reality applications help deliver an interactive experience for customers who want to buy expensive items online. For example, selecting an item will show an accurate view of its appearance when worn. Moreover, other details like price range are also displayed simultaneously.

When customers can see the product in a 360° manner and accurate information and price range, the sale improves. A good quality AR experience of the product can help generate trust among buyers.

How to Sell Jewellery Online With AR?

There are multiple ways you can sell jewellery online and grow your sales worldwide with augmented reality. Following are some ways:

Integrating WebAR with Your Website:

AR can help jewellery business owners make their website more appealing to attract more traffic. You can integrate WebAR with your website by adding a “try-on” feature. Not only will this make the buying experience better for your customers, but it will also generate more sales.

Developing an AR App for Your Customers:

AR in Jewelry Industry

The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal AR is not the owner or creator of the image.

You can launch an AR app where customers can choose the product they want to purchase and then try it before buying. Developing an AR app is a great way to expand your business, as you will be reaching a large audience base.

Augmented Reality for Marketing:

AR marketing helps generate more visitors to your website from different regions around the world. In addition, you can launch AR campaigns on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Future of AR Shopping in The Jewellery Industry

The global AR market size in the retail sector was $1853.7 million in 2021, and it’s expected to grow by 20% every year. Jewellery is a significant aspect of the retail industry, and AR will help drive more online traction. As AR becomes more popular, even small jewellery businesses can take advantage of it to grow faster.

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