Happy New Year; Let’s Track Some Groceries!

I have some friends that are stretching out the festivities, Christmas decor and all, and waiting to return to school for a few more days. Love that; sounds so cozy!

We, on the other hand, are the crazy people that spend the week between Christmas and new year prepping all things- we’ve undecorated (and it feels so good), meal planned, grocery shopped, organized the kitchen, and made some goals.

But let’s back up a few days for a minute.

On the 30th, we took Finley to Hoptown’s music bingo and she slept in my lap for most of the night. A huge win in my book! New Year’s eve we had The Barbers over for football and food. We put up some decorations to celebrate the new year and to highlight the rivalry of the big game- Georgia versus Michigan!

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