Roon wants to educate patients with freshly sourced information on their conditions – TechCrunch

As individuals try to manage medical information and understand their conditions, many typically turn to Google or WebMD — neither of which does much to verify or provide the latest information. But Roon plans to change this with a medical education platform for vetted information, sourced strictly from doctors, patients, and caregivers. By curating the … Read more

How to Leverage Pinterest for Business Marketing in 2022 | by Summaiya Shahid Hussain | Aug, 2022

Read full article here: Are you looking forward to expanding your social media marketing to Pinterest? Do you want to level up your game on the platform for successful leads? Thinking that your Pinterest marketing won’t make the cut? Don’t worry; Our ultimate guide for expanding your brand towards the P-interesting platform is here. … Read more

Could a Deal Between Pinterest and PayPal Still Happen?

Remember when PayPal Holdings (PYPL) 0.20%, was reportedly interested in acquiring Pinterest (PINS -0.17%, late last year? Good thing that didn’t work out. The two stocks have both tanked since then during the bear market of 2022, with each down about 70% from all-time highs reached during the previous summer. At the time, Pinterest was … Read more

Pinterest’s plan to better compete with TikTok, Shopify and Instagram

A banner for the online image board Pinterest Inc. hangs from the New York Stock Exchange on the morning that Pinterest makes its initial public offering on April 18, 2019. Spencer Platt | Getty Images In this weekly series, CNBC takes a look at companies that made the inaugural Disruptor 50 list, 10 years later. … Read more

How to Get Backlinks from Pinterest – Amin Educate

How to Get Backlinks from Pinterest Remember, when used correctly, Pinterest has a lot of potential as a resource. It’s a great platform for generating backlinks. It’s also a high-traffic friendly place to position your brand as an authority to your audience. Here is how to get backlinks from Pinterest as an effective link-building strategy.

Cheap Stocks: Values ​​or Traps? – August 11, 2022

(0:45) – Are These Stocks Really On Sale? (5:45) – Stocks To Keep On Your Watchlist: Values ​​or Traps? (26:30) – Episode Roundup: RBLX, PINS, SIG, OXY, MU [email protected] Welcome to Episode #293 of the Value Investor Podcast. Every week, Tracey Ryniec, the editor of Zacks Value Investor portfolio, shares some of her top value … Read more

The Boy Bosses of Silicon Valley Are on Their Way Out

Leaving as billionaires, they have emanated Silicon Valley’s relentless positivity. Pinterest “is just getting started,” Airbnb “is in the best hands it’s ever been in” and Instacart has a “enormous opportunity ahead,” the founders wrote. Both Mr. Mehta and Mr. Gebbia said they had plans for new projects. Investors say they anticipate more of these … Read more

This Cheap Tech Stock Soared 20%: Time to Buy?

social media company Pinterest (PINS 1.60%, saw its stock price soar 20% immediately after it released its earnings report for the second quarter of 2022, enough to recover some prior losses and put the stock up 13% in total over the past month. A lot is happening at the company; new leadership, an activist investor, … Read more