New use for NFTs? funding war.

The enormous potential of the NFT is not lost on the Ukrainian government. In Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, government workers are working hard to secure funding for their ongoing war effort. Among these fundraising efforts are a series of state-run NFT auctions. Waru’s Museum Along with the recent launch of Meta History: Museum of War, they … Read more

The long awaited announcement is here

Takashi Murakami NFT is finally here, and they are now accepting lottery entries for the upcoming public sale. Murakami. Flowers is the debut single NFT collection by the extremely talented artist Takashi Murakami. Meanwhile, there are two ways to buy one of these unique NFTs. 108 Flowers is NFT and you can join the lottery … Read more

Introduction to Crypto Wallet

In this guide, we will explain the different types of crypto wallets and recommend ways to secure them. Crypto wallets are the basis of Web3 and understanding how they work is essential to the security of your NFTs and cryptocurrencies. let’s get started! What is wallet? “Wallet” is a very poor metaphor for a crypto/NFT … Read more