Did AI Ignite The Chris Rock Eye-Pad Conspiracy Theory?

The tweet was published by @viralclipsss on Twitter, an account that claims a pad is visible beneath Rock’s eye when the altercation is viewed in “8K quality images.” At the time of writing, the tweet has received more than 19,000 “likes,” though many on social media have pointed out that images captured by professional photographers … Read more

Don’t Believe These Verizon Spam Messages

The issue of spoofed spam texts came to prominence after a reporter at The Verge received such a message on Monday morning. The text claimed his bill had been paid until March and that a little gift was waiting for him. It also contained a link that needed to be clicked for apparently “redeeming” the … Read more

Snap’s Lion Of A March

Sometimes, things move so fast at Snap it can be difficult to keep up. This month has been like that. So, whip off your lens, switch to your world-facing camera, and let’s jump in. The Milestone Archives With DC and Ally At SXSW, Snap launched a full AR experience created in partnership with DC Comics, … Read more

This US 5G Speed Report Could Start Some Arguments

T-Mobile had a healthy head start with deployment in the 2.5GHz band, but it is interesting to see how fast Verizon has caught up to it in the C-Band playground. OpenSignal also did some comparisons across five cities (Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Phoenix) and found that Verizon is consistently chasing T-Mobile’s C-Band 5G … Read more