Are Russian Oligarchs 'In This Together' With Klaus Schwab?

This story is about the connections and shared agendas between the oligarchs in Russia, where I was born and raised, and Klaus Schwab. Recently, I interviewed Riley Waggaman, a.k.a. Edward Slavsquat, an American journalist who currently lives in my old homeland and writes brilliantly about COVID Russia. I think Riley’s work is tremendously important as … Read more

Don't Ditch Nature in Favor of Fake Food

This article was previously published July 18, 2018, and has been updated with new information. Industrial agriculture is one of the most unsustainable practices of modern civilization. The “bigger is better” food system has reached a point where its real costs have become readily apparent. Like water running down an open drain, the earth’s natural … Read more

Ten commercial pilots sue CDC over federal mask mandate

18 March 2022 According to Fox Business, a group of commercial airline pilots filed a lawsuit against the CDC in an attempt to overturn the federal transportation facade mandate. 10 pilots working for American Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines said the CDC’s mask mandate is an “illegal and unconstitutional exercise of executive authority.” The … Read more

More COVID deaths in counties with less internet access

18 March 2022 According to a recently published study, US communities with limited Internet access reported higher COVID-19 mortality rates during the first year of the pandemic jama network open, The researchers estimated that 2.4 to six deaths per 100,000 people could have been prevented, depending on whether they were in rural, suburban or urban … Read more

Citigroup to cover travel expenses of US workers seeking abortions

18 March 2022 According to Bloomberg News, Citigroup Inc. is starting to cover travel costs for US-based employees seeking abortions as more states pass new abortion restrictions. The policy covers certain expenses, such as airfare and accommodation, for employees who must move out of state to obtain an abortion. “In response to changes in reproductive … Read more

Roundup: Inhealthcare wins NHS Scotland contract, national robotic assisted surgery program in Wales summarized, and more

InHealthcare wins NHS Scotland contract for remote patient monitoring UK digital health firm InHealthcare has been announced as the successful bidder for an NHS Scotland contract to support the expansion and mainstreaming of remote monitoring services across Scotland. Under a three-year contract, the firm will provide technology to enable citizens to record relevant information in … Read more