Square Enix have delayed Forspoken by four months

Square Enix this week announced a four-and-a-bit-month delay for Forspoken, the open-world action-adventure game about a New Yorker pulled into a fantasy world. Previously due on the 24th of May, it’s now slated for the 11th of October. Sounds like Squeenix hope to make it the start of a new series, so they’re taking time to help ensure it’s proper good. Fair enough.

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Nintendo Switch Online Members Can Try ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ For Free

Budding hunters can rise up to the challenge this week — if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, that is. Nintendo has announced that those using this service can try out Monster Hunter Rise for free! That surely means more than just a demo, with players able to access the full game for a … Read more

Rocket League season 6 kicks off tomorrow

Rocket League season sixthe latest major update for the popular vehicular football game from Psenoix, is due to kick off tomorrow on March 9, This update will bring a new arena, a season six battle pass to work through, as well as new limited time events to look forward to. This comes almost seven years … Read more

Glover Is Coming Back, For Some Reason

Of all the games that were likely to get a re-release in 2022, the N64 title Glover was not high on our list. The 1998 game is soon to release with a new version on PC, however, which will be out on Steam on April 20. Glover is a N64 game that was developed in … Read more