Ethereum is recovering its dominance over stablecoins

One of the easiest way for investors to deleverage their positions is to turn to stablecoins. Centralized stablecoins, unlike their algorithmic counterparts, are resistant to volatility and retain their peg even in the most violent market conditions. Over the past two years, the market has seen stablecoins grow significantly and become one of the most … Read more

New Findings Shows Institutional Investors Take More Interest In Ethereum

As the launching of the long-awaited Ethereum upgrade, Merge, approaches, there’s a spike in institutional investment. Ethereum products are receiving more attention from big-shot investors. Though there is no stated period for the Merge, most developers anticipate the upgrade by September 19. However, most Ethereum derivatives are getting more investment deals as the final phase … Read more

Ethereum leads the charge against Bitcoin, rising 61% since June — Flippening price target at $3,750

Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin ahead of The Merge in September, with the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap rising 61% against Bitcoin since June. The below chart shows the price of Ethereum against Bitcoin since 2018. ETH has finally passed the 0.077 BTC level not seen since January 2022; now just 12% off a 4-year … Read more

Finalized no. 36 | Ethereum Foundation Blog

tl;dr Merge sequence engaged 🚀 Mainnet Merge incoming Yesterday on the Consensus Layer call, client engineers agreed on Mainnet parameters for the Merge – a Bellatrix epoch of 144896 and a Paris TTD of 58750000000000000000000 (tentative). The TTD is based on Proof-of-Work difficulty and is thus a bit hard to estimate precisely. The target date … Read more

Will Ethereum Breach $2,000 Before The Merge?

Ethereum has recorded a large upwards movement in the last month following the announcement made about the Merge. A more definite launch time in September has seen the market rally around the altcoin, causing it to surge drastically. With each day, the Merge draws closer, and Ethereum tests another technical level. This time around, the … Read more

“The Merge” To Be A Buy The Rumor Sell The News Event For Ethereum?

Ethereum is coming into heavy resistance north of $1,900 as the cryptocurrency attempts to push further into previously lost territory. Today, ETH core developers announced a tentative date for the upcoming “Merge” event set for September 15 to 16, 2022, which could bolster bulls’ attempts to climb higher. At the time of writing, Ethereum’s (ETH) … Read more