Australia news live update: 25 Covid deaths in NSW; 15 in Victoria; TGA approves Novavax vaccine and two oral treatments; national cabinet meets | Australia news

They are lying. That is why I am reporting them to the ACCC.

We have heard that in relation to claims between states where companies have made those statements. We have followed that through.

I have to point this out. There are people in the market that will make statements and promises and not be able to deliver. What we are seeing is that, whether it is commonwealth, state or territories, or community or private sector, that some supplies have overcommitted and not been able to deliver.

There are different reasons and excuses put out. There is a global spike in demand. That is having an impact, not just in Australia, but the world. As a consequence of these false claims, I have asked my department to report where we are aware of them.

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