Apple requires employees to present COVID-19 booster shot proof

The Verge has reported that Apple employees will need to present proof that they got a booster shot for COVID-19 or face frequent virus testing.

Apple has been consistent in terms of reminding employees to get vaccinated and enforcing social distancing. The Cupertino-based company recently outed an internal memo, encouraging its workers to take booster COVID-19 shots when available.

Apple says those who are eligible should get the booster shot, then present proof of vaccination. The consequences of not doing so means they will have to be tested at the store or office by February 15 onwards.

On January 24, Apple began requiring employees to take rapid antigen tests if they haven’t been vaccinated yet. The memo made mention of Omicron variant’s highly transmissible nature and how initial jabs had a waning efficacy.

Apple is expecting workers to report back to the office by February 1. Corporate employees will adopt a hybrid work model where they go to the office for a day or two then the rest remotely each week.

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