A Mexican court has issued an arrest warrant against two Hungarian cryptologists

An arrest warrant was issued against two Hungarians following an investigation by a Mexican court in the case of a Mexican blockchain development company called SYDYG, which is (allegedly) the developer-owner of a blockchain technology called Ilcoin. The two Hungarians, Géza K. and his daughter Réka K., allegedly tried to disconnect Ilcoin and its community sites owned by SYDYG through a Hungarian law firm.

According to publicly available sources, Géza K. is the inventor of the cryptocurrency Ilgamos, Ponzi, who claimed ownership of Ilcoin, citing an EUIPO trademark. However, according to a press release posted on the NewsBTC, these claims are based on fraud and an investigation by the Mexican police, as the assets belong to SYDYG.

Following an investigation by the Chiapa de Corzo city police in Chiapas, the district prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant against the two Hungarian citizens on suspicion of financial fraud.

A one-of-a-kind pyramid game called Ilgamos, which released a gold-covered crypt, was launched in 2015. In addition to recruiting as many new members as possible, who even had to pay a monthly fee of € 15 a month, it made absolutely but made no sense for anyone at the top of the red to slip out of the project nicely in the end with an exit scam. By the way, according to the Slovak company register, Ilgamos was registered in the name of both K. Réka and K. Géza in the beginning of 2020, just as Ilgon was registered in the name of K. Géza only in the beginning of 2020.

The case is rather clumsy, the K. family is apparently heavily involved in the crypto party, but unfortunately not on the law enforcement side. SYDYG of Mexico bought ILCOIN-related property rights from Umbrella IT Service Corporation in 2017 and has reportedly not been associated with Géza K. and K. Réka since then, who nevertheless claim ILCOIN for themselves.

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