3 BIG IDEAS To Stand Out on YouTube!

It’s time to start testing new ideas to help viewers realize, the second they hit play, that your video is going to be different from what they see from everyone else.


It’s getting harder to stand out in a YouTube “3 second” world

Every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram has eyeball challenges. There’s so much content out there, so many channels, accounts, blogs, websites… that 3 seconds has become the new attention span for most people. It’s simply this, if they aren’t intrigued by your first 3 seconds…CLICK…on to the next video.

How do you combat this? What can you do to stop the 3 second click-away?

Think differently starting today. Instead of making the same video content you’ve been making, or the same content as your competitors, take a deep breath and just stop. Start over. From today forward begin with: “What can I do to STAND OUT?”

The sad truth is, in a little over 16 years, YouTube has become a sea of similar video content. This is partly because when something works, it gets copied by competitors in the same niche that hope to capitalize on the same content. It’s not a bad idea, if it’s done with a different viewpoint and great graphics and good pacing. But the first YouTuber to do it almost always has the biggest success. After that, viewers click away if even the first 3 seconds are deemed (by them) not worth watching.

What can you do?

To separate your channel from everyone else in your niche, you’ve got to STAND OUT by creating content viewers haven’t seen before – or at least haven’t seen in the way you present it.

How do you do this?
What can you change or add or subtract to make your videos more compelling?

Here are 3 Big Ideas to STAND OUT from the increasingly crowded YouTubeverse:

#1 Create a different first shot for every video:

  • Shoot yourself at different angles.
  • Shoot up from the floor or ground.
  • Shoot from the side.
  • Do an extreme close up.
  • Or a bird’s eye view from above looking down.

Mix it up! Most people start their videos exactly the same way, with the same lighting (indoor or outdoor) and similar clothing.
That can get repetitive, even boring, for your viewer. Which is the antithesis of what your goal is. You want your viewers to be excited, interested, and ready to see your next video.


Image: Pixabay

#2 Change the lighting for your videos:

  • Shoot outside
  • Shoot inside with LED light
  • Shoot inside with LED and colored gels or lights
  • Change your footage to black and white in some spots for drama
  • Use candle light or a flashlight

Change it up! In a room with windows, block the natural light and place colored lights behind you pointing up at the wall. Bring the ‘key’ (main) light towards you and angle it at 45 degrees off to one side. Or place it high above your head and point down on you. Balance the light so it’s not too bright.  If you want a little drama, keep it just below ‘evenly lit’ and you will look more cinematic. Plus the background will be darker and pop when you add a color.


Image: Pixabay

#3 Make 2/3rds of your video B-Roll:

  • Use stock footage
  • Use your own footage shot just for B-roll
  • Add photos or graphics
  • Use Animation
  • Use Animated Text

Variety keeps interest! B-roll will take your videos from average to standout very quickly. If you storyboard the video first, you can notate where and what the B-roll will be. Then you can make a folder of all of the B-roll footage and letter or number it to match up to the storyboard. This will help you quickly add it to your video when you’re editing.


As much fun as it is to make videos and build a channel, it’s no fun at all if hardly anyone shows up to watch!

Continue looking for ways to level up your quality with each video.

  • Study your analytics to see where viewers fall off and figure out why.
  • Analytics will show you where your viewers are coming from
  • who your demographics are
  • which type of device they’re using to watch.

Knowledge plus action pays off.

Try these ideas in your next videos and let me know what happens!

“When you have a choice, choose to improve. It’s always worth the investment of your time to improve your life and your business.”

– Sheri

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